Homes in Bixby, OK Provide Great Quality of Life

Many of Tulsa’s suburbs are benefiting from the increase in property value. Homes in Bixby, OK, a Tulsa suburb, are particularly attractive, and will continue to gain value. Bixby’s prairie town charm has always appealed to families. Now that Bixby is enjoying growth, it is attracting even more interest from homebuyers. Bixby is a quiet and beautiful town with lots to offer.

Tulsa, OK real estate is steadily increasing in value. Since very few people are aware of the lucrative opportunities available in Tulsa real estate, prices are still affordable.

Bixby: A Peaceful Place to Own a Home

People are flocking to homes in Bixby, Oklahoma. The town offers a tranquil living environment that is located close to the Tulsa metropolitan area. Since the commute is relatively short, many people who work in Tulsa choose Bixby for its small-town neighborhood feel.

Bixby is rich in every sense of the word. Traditionally, Bixby was known as a hub for growing crops, including fruits, vegetables, and grasses. Many farmers and growers continue that tradition today. The “Garden Spot” of Oklahoma is known to be Bixby.”

Long, stretching fields adorn the Bixby landscape, and there is always an abundance of local fruits and vegetables. Bixby is authentic Oklahoma, with rolling prairies and family farms.

In addition, Bixby has grown and added many jobs. Connect Bixby with ESP32 Most notably, the hotel and accommodations industry has a strong foothold in Bixby.

Kimberly Clark, Lowes, Citizens Security Bank, and many other big employers are also now operating in Bixby.

Convenient and Quiet in the Bixby Suburbs

Bixby is located about 23 miles southeast of Tulsa. The commute between Bixby and Tulsa is fast and congestion-free. Bixby’s convenient location makes it easy to travel between Bixby and Tulsa. For professionals who want to escape city life after work, Bixby is a great option.

A Rustic Paradise in Bixby

Bixby can be the perfect fit for families and professionals who want to combine country life with city life. Every year, Bixby sponsors a “Green Corn Festival” where the entire town feasts and celebrates to honor their farming tradition. Country living is one of the big draws to living in Bixby.

Great Prices and a Safe Location

Bixby, Oklahoma real estate is very affordable. In addition, homes in Bixby, OK are increasing in value. In fact, the average listing price for a home increased by 0.8% in 2009.

Bixby is one of the safest towns in all of Oklahoma. Its property crime rate is listed at 1.69%, and its violent crime rate is listed at 0.11%. If you compare this to the statewide statistic of a 3.6% property crime rate, and a 0.5% violent crime rate, it’s easy to see that Bixby is one of the safest towns in all of Oklahoma.

Look no Further than Bixby for Family Environment

Bixby Public Schools have one of the highest graduation rates in the state. Percentage-wise, Bixby Public Schools ranks higher than the state average when it comes to graduation rates. Test scores are also consistently high.

Bixby Public Schools are a good option for parents who are looking for a strong school district near Tulsa. Bixby has an exceptional school system for families with children. Bixby’s rural charm and convenient location will make it a mainstay of the Oklahoma real estate market for years to come.